Simple Instructions To Increase Your Google Ranking With Your Own Google Sitemap


It looks like everyone is trying to find the best way enhance their traffic on the internet and that usually refers to increasing your rank on Google. When it comes to Anchorage, Alaska web design, there is nothing closer to the truth. There are many options available to do just that. I am going to teach one of them with you today. It is the Google sitemap. Basically a Google sitemap is an XML file that acts as a data provider to Google’s Web Crawlers. You might be imagining this is too much for you to do all by yourself . Don’t worry about it. I am going to share the basics for you right now, in easily digestible chunks , and you can have your sitemap up within the hour! It is that straightforward!

What is Google Sitemap? Technically a Google Sitemap is an XML object that contains information about all of the Web pages on your site.

What information does a Google Sitemap contain about my Web pages? In a Google sitemap you can specify parameters. Some examples of these parameters are the URL of your Web page, the date you last updated your Web site , how often the Web page is updated , and also that specific Web pages priority in the site.

What do I do with it? All you are required to do is create this file, send it off to Google, and Google will do the rest.

What does Google do with it? No one really knows how Google uses this data. When you submit the file, Google basically says that it gives no guarantee on traffic/rank increase. However there are many people who have claimed substantial increases to their Google ranking.

How do I produce my own Google Sitemap? Just complete these following steps:

What you need to do is put together your XML file. Don’t worry though; there are a lot of utilities that do this for you AND they are for free online. One of the ones I like is at
The next step you need to do is get the XML file you just created into Google’s hands. To do this just visit and login with your Google account. Once you’ve logged in you can add as many Sitemaps as you like.
The last current. Remember that each time you make an update to your website you will need to repeat this process again.
There you have it. I hope this was a simple walkthrough on how to generate your very own Google sitemap. Hopefully you will be able to increase your ranking on Google with this little technique. For more options on improving your Google ranking make sure to find the people who know the best ways to incorporate these kinds of techniques into your Anchorage, Alaska website design projects.

Just one more thing : Google is presenting their new Mobile Sitemap program. If your site is mobile-friendly then I would also recommend generating sitemaps for that program as well. Have fun with your Anchorage, Alaska web page design projects!

We will see you soon!


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