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Alaska Database Management Company

August 28, 2009

NWDS’ Anchorage, Alaska based database professionals offer custom database design & development in Alaska, Canada & the Lower 48. NWDS provides a broad array of Alaska database services including:

Best custom database programming company

NWDS specializes in delivering state-of-the-art database applications. In addition, NWDS provides intranet & internet solutions custom tailored to suit your Alaska business requirements. NWDS’ personalized database applications help you efficiently organize and share information, such as inventory, timesheets, personnel or your customer relationship management (CRM) application.

Web database integration company

NWDS’ database integration refers to combining database applications with your web site so that users can add, remove and update information in your database using a web browser. In addition, different applications can share data or update the other using custom programming techniques.

Database consulting company

NWDS is a premier Alaska database consulting company focused on building quality data-driven business solutions. NWDS has several small to large scale customers across a range of industries and activities including financial services, medical records, billing, airlines, marketing, logistics, and database optimization and tuning.  NWDS employs the best Anchorage, Alaska database managers in an aim to provide better value by leveraging a combination of leading edge database technology and premium database talent. Consulting services include:

  • Design and develop data-driven applications.
  • Provide consultation on database system usage, optimization, and deployement.
  • SQL Training, guidance and mentoring.
  • Consulting on scaling the complexity, users, and data volume of database driven applications.
  • Systems level design and implementation.

Database design & development company

Database design and development is an essential part of creating systems to help your business analyze data to maximize profit margins and to be more organized. Database design and development at Alaska-based NWDS is always performed by formally trained database designers. The designer doing the database programming will:

  • Determine data to be stored in databases;
  • Determine relationships between different data elements
  • Determine logical structures of the data to base relationships
  • After database structuring is done, the actual database development process begins. This is where database programming is started
  • NWDS database systems are tested throughout the development process. Final database products are also tested throroughly before implementation

Custom database report writing company

NWDS streamlines your Alaska database report writing process by creating custom reports.  Once the database reports are written, clients easily and quickly extract data and subsequently produce database reports with all of the necessary criteria.

Database management services company

Java database web development company

Content management systems (CMS) or custom applications. Web site database development

ASP.NET database development company

Custom Web applications to enhance your Anchorage, Alaska business. Inventory management or other.

Besides custom database design & development in Alaska, NWDS offers many Alaska database services including: